For Authors

I would love to rate and review your book!

Here are a few things you must know before sending me an e-mail requesting a "Rate and Review"...

1. The book needs to be classified as a Young Adult or a New Adult book. As this blog is about reviewing Young Adult books I will not be able to post the review on my blog unless it is so.

2. I don't mind if there are typo's if it is an ARC, but I would prefer if the book is decently edited... 

3. I hate when the POV switches around to much, or when I can't figure out who is talking. Please make it simple for me, I hate guessing.

4. Preferred format: Kindle (Mobi and such) or hard copy by mail. 

How I Review:
1. Cover.
2. First Impressions.
3. Dream Cast.
4. Final Thoughts.
5. Rating based on a 5/5 Star Scale

I would love to interview you and do a piece on my blog! Send me an e-mail stating your interest and I'll send you my questions!

If you have a book that you would like me to enter into a giveaway I would love to do so! I will hold giveaways for 2-3 weeks and use Rafflecopter to do so. Any format of a book will work, signed copies of books, or book memorabilia etc are accepted. I prefer to keep the giveaways in the USA/Canada, but will consider other locations.

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