Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beyond the Stars

Beyond the Stars by Jocelyn Trim
Book One of Across the Worlds Series

"What Goodreads says about Beyond the Stars:
Alice had needed to get away from everything in her life, but when she finds herself suddenly in another world confronted by a man-eating dragon and a knight in shining armor, she's convinced she's dreaming. Or at least seeing things. However this world with its broken moon is real and she's in danger of losing herself to it. Now hunted by a dark dragon and a secret order of mages, she struggles to stay alive with the help of her new friends as she learns about life, love and herself. 
But will that be enough to get her home alive, or will she find a reason to stay there forever."

The Cover:
I have to admit, I have always been a fan of covers which picture a simple item to focus on. Surprisingly there is so much about this cover which causes me to truly love it. A pure white lotus flower (I believe) which means so many things. Purity, beauty and compassion. This stunning flower over a very subdued starry sky, just stunning!

First Impression:
Jocelyn Trim created a vast world which was so beautifully written, it was so hard to pull myself away from this book. The story truly comes alive right off the page the second you open the book.

"This wasn't some blood thirsty, frightened beast. I could see its calculating intelligence within its glowing blue eyes the same way it would see my own fear in mine. Its gaze chilled me to my core, causing my heart to all but stop as time slowed around us." 

Right from the beginning there was action, and of course a maiden who needed saving more than a few times. Alice may have started off this book timid and weak but that did not last long and her inner heroin came forth. She was one of those characters people can not forget, in fact most of the characters in this book are still fresh in my mind.

Sebastian, Talasin and Alice all have such different personalities and they fit together in such different ways, my head is still spinning from this little triangle!

Now I can't lie, I have always had a thing for the "Bad Boy" and when Talasin comes into the story, he swept me off my feet.

How I See Them!:
Alice, Talasin and Sebastian

Final Thoughts:
 Alice is one lucky girl, an adventure into a different land, hot "boys" fighing over her and so much more! I wish could venture into this land and find my own dragon, I mean adventure.

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