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Creator Class

Creator Class

What Goodreads says about Creator Class:
"Decades have elapsed since The Creators inflicted their vision on the planet. The population menace is tamed, resources are plentiful, and climate concerns abate. A sustainable world order has been achieved.
But the rigid restrictions of P-Class torment Shawn Lowe. Movements are tracked, conversations scrutinized, conformity enforced. It’s wrong. The Laws of Earthism are wrong. When a treasonous outburst cements Shawn’s fate, an unexpected communication from Creator Class sparks changes he could never have imagined.
A new life. A new family. Boundless opportunity. Destiny, it seems, has been rewritten. But an evil nemesis emerges, and a lust for vengeance points Shawn down a treacherous path. 
Creator Class is the first book in The Creator Class Series."

I'm not a big fan of this cover... It kind of bores me. Where is the spark, something that catches my eyes. It is to generic and in my eyes doesn't do the book justice.

First Thought:
Yesss! Another YA dystopia series for me to get into. The world is divided into classes, people are in the dark, and The Creators have complete control of the lowly P- Class who know literally nothing.. Sounds interesting. Ignorance is bliss after all right?
The characters are believable and easy to relate to. Nana is awesome. I have always liked the older character who pushes the limits and knows what's right and wrong. She is the visionary and so important to the story. Without her Shawn would not have been questioning his life and their world. Shawn is the rebellious teen who takes what Nana says and learns from her. He is willing to question authority, but he never truly realizes what it will cost him until it is much to late. I have to admit I am not fond of Pedro(detest would be a great word here), but his character is wonderful and exactly what this story needed. The other characters are well thought out and play out their parts quite nicely.

I was kind of bored and found myself skimming at times during the first half of the book, which is a big no-no for me. I lost interest  as the story hit about 40% done. I kept reading though and was very glad I did. The story line picked up and the action began at about 45%. Let's just say wow, didn't see that one coming! The way I like it. I was shocked, sad, happy and surprised numerous times. Once the story started rolling it was extremely difficult to put my Kindle down!

I must also mention that I was able to pick up on some similarities that this story has with our society today. I am not going to be specific here, but there were parts of this book that had me questioning the world we live in today and actually thinking about the possibilities of our future. Kind of scary to think about. 

Final Thought:
I fell hard for this book after the 50% of the way finished. Once I got to this point I realized how important the first half was though (Minus the skiing conversations over and over again). This story made me truly think. It had me questioning where the society we live in today is going, where it may end up in 50 years and if I like that place or not. Great book all around!

(I received this book for free in return for an honest review. Thank you!)

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