Monday, July 22, 2013

Discover the Cover #2

I created this weekly meme because I love judging books by their covers!

Today's Theme is Apple!

The Good:
I love this cover. It's different and edgy and caught my eye the first time I saw it. It really gives you a picture into the book. I also love the backwards font. It makes it look so much different than any other cover I have seen.

The Bad:
Boring. An apple, a hand, a blurry background. All I know is that this will probably be a boring book. Another one of my huge pet peeves is having to look for the book title because the authors name is so LARGE!

Wait... WHAT:
I'm sorry but this cover has so many flaws I want to laugh. The girl is surrounded by strategically placed apples, okay is she sitting under a tree? Will she be getting hit in the face with an apple if so many of these perfectly ripe green apples are falling. Bad location to read your book wouldn't you say? Onto the font which is cute, but so lost. I don't know if it's the color or location but it looks so badly put together.


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